Food-Healing  emphasizes EATING, COOKING & BLENDING SMOOTHIES to reverse disease. Supplements cannot compare to using food as medicine. Most people are amazed how fast the body can heal. Our asthma protocol has helped hundreds of people.

*Ivy League trained physician speaks about Asthma and Food in video above.

RED Foods are most healing according to Modern Science!


Red Foods contain more electrons than orange, yellow or green and are scientifically shown “far superior” at neutralizing FREE RADICALS. Ancient teachings from Hawaii and Asia speak of RED foods having higher energy properties. This is now modern science. Orange peppers have 2mg carotenoids per pepper, while RED peppers have 22mg!

*Variability of Carotenoids in Red Capsicum. Plant Sci. 2010; 179
*Zeaxanthin in Orange Pepper. J. Food Comp Analysis 2009; 22

Each year we certify Food Healing teachers with a challenging 300 question exam.